What occurs on the weekend?

What occurs on the weekend is a series of presentations given by a team of trained leader couples. The presentations allow you and your spouse a rare opportunity...

Already have a great marriage?

That's wonderful! Your marriage will grow deeper and more satisfying by attending the Marriage Enrichment Experience, perhaps more than you can imagine...

Is it for me?

Yes, if you want to:
  • Learn more about how to achieve your marriage potential.
  • Focus on and express positives

About Marriage Enrichment

Marriage and Family Enrichment Incorporated is a Utah-based non-profit organization formed in 1978 by Dr. Victor B. Cline and his wife, Lois, for the purpose of enriching marriage and family life. Its format and curriculum is the result of over 35 years of careful planning and research. The benefits have been uniformly positive for attending couples.

Eventbrite - Marriage Enrichment Weekend - October 2014

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We are sad to announce the passing of our beloved leader of Marriage Enrichment, Dr. Victor B. Cline. Vic died the morning of January 15th at home with his wife, Lois, and family by his side. We who have worked with him and Lois for so many years feel a great loss in our hearts. All his life he gave so freely and so much of the gifts Heavenly Father blessed him with. Many times after doing a Marriage Enrichment Weekend, we leader couples would be talking about our experience and our hopes for the couples who had been there. Then Vic would always say, "We give our gifts, and it is up to them what they do with them." The gifts of love, wisdom, understanding, humor, kindness, and above all faith in his Heavenly Father and the institution of marriage have blessed and will continue to bless many lives, many families, many generations. We send our love and prayers to our dear Lois and all his family.

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